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Twas the Night of Turkeyday & all round the.. map [×] [undo]

If you've got Hate in your heart, Let it out (Don't let the librel media tell you what to think or feel) map [×] [undo]

Thank Trump when Billary becomes President map [×] [undo]

Democrat objectives .... [×] [undo]

Give Thanks for Truth (Happy Thanksgiving) pic map [×] [undo]

European writers philosophers and artists map [×] [undo]

Hundreds of white college unions popping up ... [×] [undo]

Black crime matters .... (thugsville) [×] [undo]

Black Lives DON'T Matter (unless a Video Cam is on and a Judge says RELEASE IT) [×] [undo]

Democrats desperate for illegals - [×] [undo]

Obama the shyster's epic fail [×] [undo]

It's not just Donald Chump: Half of Anti-Americans share his twisted (racist views.) map [×] [undo]

The republicans hate America pic [×] [undo]

Raleigh's best political podcast (Raleigh) pic [×] [undo]

Moslem Societal Organizer without birth certificate (Future doesnt belong to non-Muslims?) [×] [undo]

Pledge of Allegiance pic [×] [undo]

Epic ignorance .... [×] [undo]

Obamacare is a Republican idea? bwhahahah (Raleigh) map [×] [undo]

Countries spending the most on health care [×] [undo]

Global Temperatures Continue To Surge In Record-Breaking October [×] [undo]

Study proves Republicans more intelligent than Democrat voters [×] [undo]


If a RighTarded CL Troll says it, it must be False! [×] [undo]


You are inundated with Mass Media Lies about Muslims and Violence (Here are the Facts) map [×] [undo]

9/11 Police State exercise (Gov arms ISIS and destroys our right to self defense) map [×] [undo]

If a left wing mag says it, it must be "true" [×] [undo]