Odd jobs and hangout (mild handicap) with long term potential (Apex HS (Holly Springs) Cary)

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I'm looking for something a little different and don't know what all it involves. This is a long read as I'm trying to describe it the best I can.

Understand that this is a 1-2 hr per week job most weeks. This is as much or more about a hang out person/friend as work.

I am a 40-something professional WM . I've been diagnosed with a genetic disease (neurological movement disorder) and am handicapped (my balance/walking is
bad and my speech gets slurred/quiet when tired)... for the most part I pass for any other guy on the street.

What I know I need:
You must like and be good with dogs. Taking my two large dogs for a long walk will be a part of most every visit.

This is more of a "if you see something dirty, clean it" and personal assistant thing. I cannot be on ladders, counters, etc. So occasional things like putting something on a cabinet, changing a light bulb, etc. would be part of it. Helping with small maintenance stuff (I rent a house and do it all myself now) would be awesome.

You MUST be responsive to communications, especially text messages. This has been a huge problem with several others that I was seriously considering and almost hired. I don't expect you to jump, but I don't expect to wait a half-day or longer for a response either. Believe it or not, I have a life as well.

Being fairly available. In a perfect situation, this would be someone that stays at home and on this side of Apex (near Walmart)... just in case there's ever one of those "I've fallen and can't get up" moments (that hasn't happened, not yet anyway) or last minute hangouts/dinner.

Realistically: Be available the next day. I don't want to wait a week to get a lightbulb changed.

You need to be willing (and responsible enough, AND close enough) to be my emergency contact. With several dogs in the house and no family in there area, I REALLY need someone to have my back if something goes down.

What I'd (ideally) like:
In the early days, this is more about a friend (that I pay to help out on occasion) than employee; so someone that I "click" with and could become friends with. I've worked my butt off 55-70 hours/wk my entire life and been in relationships for nearly all of it. This has left little/no room for friends. I suddenly find myself with no work (disability) and nothing but time on my hands. I used to be a seriously active person until this disease hit - motorcycles, skydiving, rollerskating, bicycling, weightlifting, kayaking, etc. These days it's more movies, music (learning keyboard/piano), hitting the gym, and I'm getting into gaming. If you like music, conversation, a few drinks, and binge watching shows, even better. Obviously, this part wouldn't pay.

Ideally you will be a single female... I am not a 70 year old convalescent. I'm still fairly young and in until my back went out was in really good shape Dealing with jealous significant others over things of a more personal nature: assistance getting in and out of the tub/shower and changing clothes (I have a herniated disk and the accompanying sciatica is nearly crippling at times). etc. will put a quick end to this, as it has with several others.

If you can hang, drink, and be a part of what we do, that would be awesome.

About you:
You MUST like dogs. You must be responsible ( you will likely be my emergency contact), be open minded and flexible.

If we click and the rates are right, this could turn into an easy (I clean up after myself and keep the place tidy) long-term house-cleaning and odd-job gig. Ideally this is someone that does it as much to get out of their own house as for the money - Me going on disability means this isn't going to be the best paying job you ever had. Must provide your own transportation!

Hours are flexible based on your availability (I'm home probably 22 hours/day).

Please reply with rates (be reasonable - I'm on disability), availability, location, any special skills, and any other information you feel may be useful.

Text messages preferred. Do not call.

Thank you!
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