Panasonic 27” ProScan CRT TV - $200 (Raleigh)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Panasonic
model name / number: ProScan PS 27115
size / dimensions: 25X23X17
Panasonic Proscan color tube television / TV with gaming ports (VCR/DVD). One of the best TV’s in its class of this era, when Panasonic products were top of the line reliable and long lasting. Diagonal screen 27” with a cabinet measurement of 25 1/2” wide x 23” tall by 17 5/8” deep. The casing is all in top condition as it has always been handled with care. Excellent color and picture for this era … included an innovative black and white “comb” feature that makes the picture more crisp. The screen is curved but is flatter than most of the curved screens of this era since it was a higher end issue. To me, this TV has a better picture and is more fun to watch than modern flat screens at a similar price. I have the TV connected to a DVD player to demo the picture and sound. There is a remote control included with new rechargeable batteries. I haven’t found the manual but I will look around to see if I might have it still somewhere.

I received this TV new a long time ago! I feel like I’ve had it my entire life. I am not a big television watcher but I do like movies so it was sometimes on in the evenings. I loved it so I took good care of it. I have a lot of other interests though and didn’t connect to television channels. Later I got a movie projector and then began to use that more than the TV. Online I read a CRT tube TV lasts for 30,000-50,000 hours. If I watched it for 4 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, for 10 years that would be 2,000 hours. But I think I watched movies mainly in winter months and not most of the year. Even if that estimate is not entirely accurate, I can’t see how the usage could have been even twice that, it’s probably been less watched.

Located north of Crabtree mall. Cash sale.

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