A Good Tree Service - Removals and Pruning (Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Raleigh, Durham)

-A Good Tree Service-

Offering tree-felling/removal and pruning services at an affordable price.

Do you have a tree, or part of a tree, that is failing and presents a potential safety hazard to you, your loved ones, pets, or property? Maybe an overhanging group of limbs that continually covers your shingles and fills your gutters, incurring ongoing preventative maintenance costs? Or perhaps just a particular tree that prevents sunlight from reaching an otherwise perfect spot for a future flower bed or vegetable garden?

Contact A Good Tree Service. I will safely and efficiently complete whatever services you are in need of, whether it is whole tree removal or targeted pruning to mitigate risk, improve tree health and appearance, or enhance all or a specific element of your property's aesthetic.

My aim is to help you accomplish your specific goals by performing high-quality work at a good value, and leave you satisfied that you chose to provide A Good Tree Service with the opportunity to serve you.

- Additional information -

One way A Good Tree Service is able to provide greater value for the customer is by leaving debris on site for the property owner to dispose of or use as he or she wishes - firewood/fuel, mulching, composting, erosion prevention, or use in small projects such as rustic fencing, etc. The costs associated with transporting and/or chipping are avoided, and those savings are passed on in the form of lower pricing.

Debris hauling or chipping services can be performed if requested, but these services will incur additional costs.

All pruning is performed via rope-only access - NOT with spurs/gaffs - to avoid potentially compromising the tree's long-term wellbeing. In the worst case, pests, disease, and fungi can be introduced into a tree's tissues through the numerous open wounds left from climbing gaffs, and in the best case, the scars resulting from gaff-usage will remain long into your tree's future.

Pruning services are generally performed at an hourly rate, while removals are billed on a per-tree basis, dependent upon an assessment of the particular tree or trees in question.

Of course, price is negotiable. Send a photo and I will take a look and get you an estimate, or set up an appointment for an on-site inspection and assessment.

Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.

To assist in providing you with a more quick and accurate cost estimate, it would greatly help if you could provide, to the best of your ability, information concerning: City/location, Closeness to other objects, Condition of tree, and Completion date. And, of course, a photo of the trees under consideration will be very helpful as well.

1) *City* - where is this opportunity located? Community, subdivision, township.

2) *Closeness to Damageable Objects* - is the tree to be removed located adjacent (within 50'-100') of any structure (dwelling, shed, shop, fence, clotheslines, etc.), other plants/under-story that you'd like to remain unharmed, infrastructure (power and water lines), non-movable vehicles, or other nearby trees?

3) *Condition* - what is the condition of the tree? If it is dead, approximately how long ago did it die? Are there areas of bark sliding off? Is there any known decay/rot present within the tree? A general description of the state and condition and any experienced trauma - root rot, stem-girdling roots, lightning strikes, storm/wind-damage, insect activity, fruiting bodies or mushrooms present along stem, etc.

4) *Completion Date* - what is the approximate date that you would like the work completed by? And, what is your general availability for having the work completed? Weekdays, weekends, mornings, evenings?
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