It's time to prepare for wheat, oats, rye and small grain cover crop, with Advance Cal+ NitroMax ( a 21% slow release nitrogen with trace minerals.

Fall is the time to adjust that pH with Bio-Active Liquid Calcium + NitroMax. Advance Cal has amino acid, liquid Calcium, prebiotics, 72 trace minerals, root growth stimulator, germinator and carbon energy. It goes to work in an hour, increasing the availability of the P,K, and MG by up to 35 %. Added to your nitrogen liquid Calcium will keep 50% of the nitrogen from binding up around the roots of the plant. Allow you to reduce your fertilizer cost by up to 45%.

I can already see the difference in my oats, they are greener and doing better. I am ordering Procal and Humitec for the rest of my fields. John M VA 2018

My Barley are the best I have every grown I am sending you pictures. My barley is the tallest I have every grown. Up to my chest. Victor Jones MO 2018

Rob, my oats did great, never looked so good. I only did 10 acres but I am order a tote of Advance cal to treat everything. Jonny Mc Orrville AL

Agritec's also has a foliar program for your cover crop, Wheat, Rye, Oats and Barley Foliar program of Advance Cal + NitroMAx has proven to increase production from 20% to 35%. Advance Cal, BioLiquid Calcium allows you to use 35% to 40% less commercial fertilizer and nitrogen.

Agrite's 3/18/18 for and 9/18/9 Ortho Fertilizer work faster and cheaper than granular also is a great start fertilizer. It goes to work immediately won't burn seed or plants. SAVE UP TO 35% ON YOUR NPK COST AND BE MORE EFFECTIVE IN SUPPLY MINERALS TO YOU PLANTS.

"I didn't think your liquid calcium would work like it did. I did part of my field in peal lime and the other in liquid calcium and your product raised my pH in one year where I don't need anything this year. My county agent wants to know what I used to make that much difference in one year, I told him liquid Calcium. I am ordering this year for my other fields. I will send you the before and after soil reports." - Dwayne Wiseman NC 2018

I already had 200 bales on hand from my first two cutting so I didn’t cut the 3rd cutting but if I had it had more than the 1st cutting only using Procal and no fertilizer. William S NC 2019

UNDERSTANDING SOIL pH RESULTS Belinda Lake Yanco Agricultural Institute
Soil pH effect on plant response A soil pH(CaCl2 calcium chloride) of 5.2 to 8.0 provides optimum conditions for most agricultural plants (Figure 1). All plants are affected by the extremes of pH but there is wide variation in their tolerance of acidity and alkalinity.
Applied Bioliquid Calcium brought my pastures way up. I recommend it to my neighbors. Rodger A SC 2017

I can see a big difference my oats, they a greener and doing great. I am ordering for my other fields. John Merritt SC 2018

Texas Agricultural Extension, Texas, A & M University System.
"The increased ammonium absorption caused by calcium has interesting results. Photosynthesis increases and greater amounts of carbon dioxide are captured by the plant from the air, which increases the plant's organic building blocks...."

Rutgers University Foliar Calcium Benefits ....Win Cowgill, Agricultural Agent.
"There are many calcium products promoted by industry as substitutes for Calcium Chloride (CaCl2). However extensive research and comparison of these products has yet to show an advantage over Calcium Chloride because it is one of the richest forms of calcium at the cheapest price.

Advance Cal Bio-Liquid Calcium
1. 100 % available to the soil and plant.
2. Allows you to reduce nitrogen application by up to 50%
3. Attaches to nitrogen unbinds it from the roots of the plant and bring it up in the plant to store nitrogen in the cells of the plant.
4. Pure liquid will apply through any sprayer.
5. Compatible with most herbicides and pesticides.
6. Calcium saturation chelating agent.
7. Has humic acid added increase nutrients.
8. has carbon energy added photosynthesis.
9. Displaces Hydrogen Ions and raises pH.
10. Immediately available to the plant and soil, for first season result doesn't take 6 to 11 months to break down like lime.
11. Has a 2 to 3 years soil life in most soils.
12. Universities study's result that liquid calcium will free up 32% to 44 % of the P K Mg and other nutrients in the soil.
13. Help the plant fight diseases.
15. Reduces weed growth.
16. Normal cost 30% to 50% less than a lime application.

This product is going to revolutionize farming. - Georgia Extension Agent
This liquid calcium is some good stuff, it really did a great job on my field. Best hay I have every had. John F Ga 2019

We saved over 50% on the cost of fertilizers on our crops by using Liquid calcium - Nebraska Farmer

I applied Pro Cal last year and saw great results from it. I saw an increase in yield and a change in color. My fields looked so good my friends started asking what I did to my land and I told them that I got this great new product from Agritec. Charles TN 2019

DON'T BE FOOLED BY IMITATIONS! only Advance Cal or ProCal BioLiquid Calcium is NOT CALCIUM NITRATE, but of all liquid limes and other liquid calciums, Advance Cal or ProCal BioLiquid Calcium has been proven to positively effect pH, cheaper and faster than lime or calcium nitrate. Calcium Nitrate has a tenancy to burn the plant if over applied, therefore that is way it is usually recommended 1 gal calcium nitrate to 30 gal water. 3 years ago Agritec was approach to market Calcium nitrate but we declined due to the fact we could not find field studies or University research that showed calcium Nitrate effecting pH. According to University studies Calcium nitrate has a tendency of to the followers of a plant and the plant.

BeCareful of over application OF certain CALCIUM NITRATES .

If they haven’t been through a special process Nitrate poisoning can occur as the result of eating crops such as Brassicas, green cereals or sweet clover that contain high levels of nitrate. However, the most common source is inorganic nitrate fertilizer, either directly, via grazing an over-fertilized field, or via water run-off from heavily fertilized fields. Spring is the most common season for nitrate poisoning.

Nitrate poisoning occurs because the nitrate is broken down to nitrite in the rumen. In normal circumstances this nitrite is further broken down to ammonia in the rumen and is then used by the rumen microbes to make protein.
However, when large amounts of nitrate are eaten over a short period of time, the nitrite accumulates in the rumen and is absorbed. Once in the bloodstream it reacts with iron in the red blood cells so that they can no longer bind oxygen.


Rob, My fields no longer have broom sage or weeds. The hay was so thick I had trouble cutting it. That's why I need some more liquid calcium for my Bermuda field it just doesn't look good. I don't want just the liquid Calcium I want it loaded with the BioActivator. Robert T 2017
Sarah – good morning. I purchased and spread the liquid calcium last fall. The fields had not broom straw this year. The question I have is, how often should the fields be treated? I thought I read that one treat-ment should last two years. Just working through the details for fall field treatments. Dave Farr Sc 2019

John M Sc 2019, well Procal did what you said it would, I had no weeds in my oats. I usually have to use herbicide this year I didn’t . It was a very clean harvest.

The effective use of calcium chloride …. sprays may be the most cost-effective, quickest cultural practice for reducing low-calcium physiological disorders.... \ We recommend applying 3 to 5 (Gallons ) pounds of calcium chloride per acre per season in six to eight cover sprays. Calcium in the form of calcium chloride is recommended because of its proven effectiveness and lower cost........ it is important to make sure you develop a season-long program for applying sufficient total amounts of elemental calcium. Penn State Extention

NitroMax + BioAct

Rob, we really like the BioLiquid Calcium and BioActivator. Our hay fields have a 15% to 20% increase in hay. And you said the weeds would go away, they did. One field we had was full of milk weed, but this year after applying liquid Calcium, no milkweed. I need more product for the second cutting. We love it. David Mc Pa 2017

1. Increases protein availability.
2. More roots development , larger root growth.
3. Reduces crop stress
4. Improves photosynthesis.
5. Increases Brix levels
6. Increase nutrient availability by up to 44%.
7. Seed and plant safe from burning at recommended rates
8. increases drought resistance
9. aid in effectiveness of pesticides and herbicides.
10. Compatible with pesticides and herbicides
11. Non-Corrosive , Non-Toxic
12. Increases seed protein levels.
13. Increased protein levels.
14. Average 28% bushels per acre increase.
15. Kansas Purple Ribbon Award for 90 bushel wheat.

For only $9.50 an acre I used BioActivator and grew phenomenal wheat! - Kansas Farmer

NitroMax + BioAct (which is a combination of 72 essential trace minerals, high carbon energy, amino acids , ) Special formulated 21% slow release nitrogen and carbon energy for maximum growth of your ROW CROPS, WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, and RYE.

We had the record breaking harvest of 78 bushel average per acre. Best wheat harvest in 40 years . Majors Farms NE

Rob, just wanted to call and give you a report on the results of my applying Advance cal to my hay fields, my dad was against it. We have a ungodly amount of hay its greener and richer looking, My customers are so pleased and recommended me to two new customers. My dad is now saying to be sure and put that on next year. I just order the Form 14 and can already see and difference.
Nick C PA 2018

Rob, we applied the 275 gal Advance cal and Gro to our corn ground it did a great job. We are applying to all our ground this year Bill States PA 2018

I was so impressed with the result of Advance cal I put on my on my Barley in January, it's the tallest I have ever grown. I am 6ft.5” and it comes up past my shirt pocket. I am ordering that for my corn fields this season and my neighbor is ordering for his beans. Mike Williams NC 2018

We used the liquid calcium on our food plots over two months ago and did not get rain Till just recently even after the turkeys and dove had there way with our seed to our amazement a good amount of what we planted still came up not long after it rained. Question, do we need to reapply before we plant in spring ?
Thanks Robert Taylor 2016
David King at Buckhead Farms. I applied the 55 gallon Procal at 3 gallons an acre ,and the 5 gallon 14-0-0 at 1 qt an acre on 5/23/18. I believe I'm already seeing results 8 days later ON MY FOODPLOTS . I will use this product again. Jennings Fl 2018

My foodplots were monsters , I have never seek growth like that . We really had the deer come in. David C IL 2017

I got little growth from what I had planted so I tilled up ground we and sprayed on Advance Cal I got unbelievable growth. Never seen anything like it also just like you said the weeds are gone. Ed Lindey LA 2019

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