EXPERT TV INSTALLATION- SUMMER PROMOTION! (Raleigh,Greensbor,Sanford,Hend,Louisburg,Rocky Mt,Greenville)

by a former Geek Squad Senior Installer!

So you need to have your TV Installed?.......

Imagine this.......
What if your next door neighbor drove home everyday in a "Geek Squad" van?
Would you be tempted to walk over and say "Hi Neighbor, would you mind helping me install my TV on the wall?"
Well I'm that Neighbor!! Yes, I used to do installations for both Geek Squad and HH Gregg and I'm Happy to offer
you the same level of Professionalism, but at close to 1/3 the price. Ive installed over 2500 TV's w my own hands and quit counting several years ago!

Geek Squad is the #1 TV installer in North America and charges $249 for 1 TV.
My Price?..........just $99!
What do you get for that?
The Exact same Service that Geek Squad offers:
*The Highest Quality work using the Best Hardware & proven Installation Techniques
*Professional Appearance and Manners
*Fully Insured
*Work area left clean
*PLUS A set in Stone Appointment you can plan your day around
*PLUS A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (If your not happy w my work, then its on me!)

The WRONG Alternative........
You can use an "economy" installer offered through some major Retailers, but the secret they don't want you to know is that they either "sub" it out to contractors OR hire "handymen" to do the work. Either way they pay them far less than what you paid to have it done. The end result?? A Less than professional installation w Damaged walls, scratched up Mantels, or the TV literally falling in the floor (see above pic). Ive been to dozens of homes where Ive seen first hand the poor workmanship of these "economy" installers . Do you want to end up a sad Statistic over literally just a few dollars?
Remember......."You Always get what you pay for!"

Whether you have a New or Older TV, isn't it worth paying just a few dollars more to have it done Professionally the Geek Squad way?
Is it worth risking your TVs or wall damage for trying to save $10-20????
I'm FULLY INSURED (carry Ins. Id card) , does this FULL-TIME, and have a BUSINESS WEBSITE.
(Google.... Capital-Installations in Raleigh, NC)

If you don't receive service by the end of your Appointment Day, I will mail you a check for $99!!
Thats an Example of my Service; What other company does that??
AND.....If you aren't 100% Satisfied w the Quality of my work; its on Me!
*Visit my WEBSITE for more helpful information, examples of my work, and many Customer Testimonials by simply clicking on the 2nd pic above for my site address.

Now, please read on...........


For my Customers I offer a selection of High Quality mounts hand picked by me, field tested, and offered at a greatly discounted prices.

I offer a Multi-TV Discounts to my Customers if you have them Mounted at the same time.

Read these Verified Reviews:

"Mark came to install my 65 inch TV over my fireplace. He did a fantastic job! He was so awesome in how he explained everything, and I felt safe with him in the house as a woman. He really is great at what he does and I highly recommend him. On top of all that, he was quick to respond to my inquiry and questions and was very punctual! 10/10!!"
Michelle E.
Franklinton, NC

"I'm a very meticulous fellow, and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the install. I asked him to mount our new 70" flat screen over the fireplace and he did a fantastic job; very neat and perfectly centered. Outstanding job!"
Charles D.
Raleigh, NC

" I had a Nook area over my fireplace for an old style TV and wanted to put my new 75" TV there.
I really didn't know who to call, let alone if it could be done. Mark with Capital Installations was very
knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. He even sent me some pics of other Nook areas he had modified to
accept a TV. I was a little reluctant, but he assured me he knew what to do and even told me that I didn't have to pay him if I wasn't happy with his work; who does that? Long story short, he did an amazing job and now my TV is up and covering up that horrible hole, lol. I cant recommend Capital Installations enough. Oh, and they really are HALF the price of Geek Squad while the Quality is superb!
Thanks Capital!"
Jeremy L
Burlington, NC

"We had an excellent experience with Capital Installations. CI's owner Mark is a man of integrity. I wanted a pull-down mount, and Mark tried to talk me out of it. Being hard-headed, I insisted on the pull-down mount, and Mark did an outstanding job installing it. He handled the inevitable challenges that come with a complex install with stellar diligence and creativity, and with clear and thorough communication. Mark had assured me that the very reasonable price he quoted would be the final price regardless of how long it took or what problems he ran into - and this proved to be the case. (As I said, he is a man of integrity.) We let Mark work in our house unaccompanied with no doubt we were in the most capable and trustworthy of hands. I highly recommend Capital Installations!"
Ethan R.
Durham, NC

"Its not too often you run into someone that's a true Professional, but this guy is. He took the time to ask me what I wanted, explained the installation in detail, and went at it! Before I knew it the TV was on the wall, the wiring hidden and out of sight. Looks like the TV grew there!...lol.
I'd recommend this guy to anyone who wants their TV professionally mounted."
Cassandra G.
Cary, NC

"I couldn't afford the high prices of the big Electronics stores and as a woman really didn't know who to trust, so I started calling some guys on Craigslist. Admittedly, when calling around there were a couple guys who were a few dollars cheaper, but when I called Capital Installations to talk about the install, I was impressed right off the bat! I was impressed with his Knowledge and his willingness to answer my questions. So, I scheduled my install and he showed up right on time, and did the neatest job Ive ever seen! No surprises, No hidden fees! Just a great job from a very pleasant, talented, and honest guy! Great service! Thanks!"
Trina J.
Apex, NC

"Major thanks to Capital Installations for their flawless, neat, and outstanding work! Mark installed two full motion TV mounts with wire concealment and I couldn't have been more satisfied with my decision to choose a company for the task. Mark was prompt (he even texted to see if he could come earlier due to being ahead of schedule), which was a PLUS for me! Prior to the installation Mark made sure that I was clear on all procedures, equipment and cost prior to the work being done (thank you for being SO thorough). Upon arrival, all procedures were explained again with visuals (greatly appreciated), after completion of work Mark cleans his work area - THANK YOU! I also want to thank Mark for being so kind to make a time consuming last minute TV swap due to a late arrival of one of my TVs (at NO ADDITIONAL COST!). People, is you're looking for someone to mount your TVs or hang a ceiling fan...please look no further. Capital Installations is the one to get the job done. I'm beyond satisfied and this will by my first choice for any future services needed. Thanks again Mark, cant wait to do business with you again. Miracles do happen :) "
Kathryn R.
Greensboro, NC

"Our family just moved to the area and we had several TVs to have installed. I called Best Buys but they wanted to charge us an outrageous amount. I read this guys add and was assured. After speaking with him he seemed very honest and forthcoming. His price quote was Half what Best Buys charged! He arrived on time and did an exceptional job; no surprises or unexpected fees . Our family was very pleased. "
Patel K.
Morrisville, NC

"Just want you to know how pleased we are with the installation and set up of our new TV and sound bar system. Everything is perfect and my wife is delighted with the outcome. Thank You for your professionalism and timely work at a very reasonable price! "
Thomas D.
Raleigh, NC

"I had a 70" TV I needed hung on our Living Room wall but no one would come out. I called several guys on Craigslist and even made a couple Appointments, but got stood up! My TV sat in the floor for nearly a month. Thank God I saw Capitals ad, went to their website to check them out, and then called. This Guy is Legit! He gave me an Appointment and showed up right on time. This guy is right on, a true Professional! He does a lot more around the house than just TV's so I'm definitely going to be calling him again. Thank You Capital Installations!"
Archie A.
Louisburg, NC

"I am a Very Happy Customer. Capitals Ad and Website provided a wealth of information and accurate disclosures that matched the Superior service I received. I would recommend Capital Installations to anyone looking to have their TV wall mounted; professionally and securely."
Kam O.
Apex, NC

"We hired Capital Installations to mount our 65in TV above the fireplace in the living room. He was very professional and timely with his responses on organizing a set-up date and time. Mark did an amazing job and comes highly recommended! Thanks again Mark!"
Chloe and Casey

*CONSUMER WARNINGS: (even if you don't use me, pay heed to these proven Warnings)........
1-Always have your TVs installed BEFORE the cable/satellite guy is scheduled to come out. They need the TVs up and operational so they can see that everything is working.
2-Be CAUTIOUS of installers who "Claim" to have installed "THOUSANDS" of TVs!..... Really?? It took many years for me to reach 2500 TVs, lol. I'm sure the lady above whose TV fell in the floor (see pic) was told the same thing.
3-Don't be Fooled by so called "installers" who would give you a "Free mount" or "hide the wires for free" . The mounts are Poorly made and the workmanship for "free wire hiding" is very Poor. Ive been called out many times to re-do these jobs because the mounts were flimsy and the free hiding of the wires ruined the customers walls.
4-AVOID using "handymen" who are a few dollars less, as I have been a witness to their poor quality work.
5-Be LEARY of using a "TV Installer" off Craigslist. Over the years its been their work that I'm often called back out to peoples homes to repair. Most of these guys are waiting around for the phone to ring, while I do this Full time and have a Professional Website. I use CL Only as a supplement to my website.
(google "Capital Installations in Raleigh, NC")
6-Avoid buying Cheap or Poorly designed mounts such as what you might find on Amazon or other internet sites. Please ask for my Recommendation for your nice TV. I have a mount that will hold up to a 90 " TV and will hold 175lbs for just $40! Its been tested by me in the field Hundreds of times!
7-Never allow a "Moving company" to install your TVs; they are movers for a reason, lol.
8-Don't have REGRET because you tried to save a few dollars or you were in a rush. Hanging a TV isn't like hanging a picture; Have it done right the First time.

*I offer a FREE No Pressure Consultation by phone to Explain the Process and answer any questions you may have, so please Call, or Text me .
Even if you don't use me, I'm still happy to offer good advice.

Corona-virus Health Notice-
Although the Corona Virus situation is over, I still offer to wear my N95 mask in your home if you like; just let me know.

919 999-6686
*For the Fastest possible Service please TEXT or CALL, or simply Reply to this Ad.
I'm busy because Ive been doing this for so long, so if you miss me just leave a message and I will call you back shortly.
*Please visit my Web page by doing a quick search for "Capital Installations in Raleigh". There you will find more helpful information along with examples and Testimonials about my work.
(former Geek Squad Sr Installer)

*Ceiling Fan Installations
*Light Fixtures
*Household fixtures
*Furniture Assembly

Industry Note:
I don't flag my competitors Ads as its Unprofessional.

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