EXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION- Summer Promotion!! (Raleigh to Greensboro, Fay, Sanford, Henderson, Louisburg)

EXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 1 thumbnailEXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 2 thumbnailEXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 3 thumbnailEXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 4 thumbnailEXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 5 thumbnailEXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 6 thumbnailEXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 7 thumbnailEXPERT CEILING FAN INSTALLATION-  Summer Promotion!! 8 thumbnail
offered in person

*Offering "Premium" Ceiling fan installations at the same High Quality as Lowe's and Home Depot, but at Considerable Savings!! And sure, you may be able to find desperate handyman for $10 or $20 less, but why take a chance w your nice Ceiling fan? Again, my Installation is a "Premium" install (Not rushed) using only the finest anchors, techniques, and attention to detail; just like Lowes Installations department!

*This is a simple "Swap-out" service; meaning we simply install your Ceiling fan where an Existing fan or light fixture already exist. We use your existing electrical box with all pertinent wiring in place and make NO changes to your electrical junction OR wiring as its not needed. We do Not install new electrical boxes, run, or modify any of your wiring as thats simply not necessary w a "simple" fan replacement.

If you don't receive service by the end of your Appointment Day, we will mail you a check for $99!!
Thats an Example of our Service.........Who else does that??

*AND please visit my Website for more helpful information, examples of my work, and many Customer Testimonials by simply clicking on the 2nd pic above for my site address.

Now, please read on...........

Do you have a nice Ceiling Fan that you'd like to have Installed in a Living room, Bedroom, or even a Porch?
You know that it needs to be done Correctly or it may be crooked, loose, blades upside down, or worse........
you may find it in the Floor one day!
Who can you Trust to do a Quality Job, and do it Right the First time?

Hire a former "Geek Squad" Sr. Installer to do it!
Yes, as a former Sr. Installer for Geek Squad & HH Greg, I'm offering my services for far less than Big Box home improvement stores do. Lowes & Home Depot simply hire someone like me to come out to your home, but mark up the price significantly.
Ive got over 25 years of Technical, Mechanical, and Electrical Experience!
I do this FULL TIME, am FULLY INSURED, and have a business WEBSITE.
Google "Capital Installations in Raleigh" to learn more and see examples of my work!

With me you will receive the EXACT same Quality (probably better) as if you walked into Lowes, Home Depot, or hired an Electrician and paid them $150-$200 to do it. Yes, Lowes and Home Depot charge $150+ to install a fan, w NO multi-fan discounts!
My price is just $89 for a Standard fan and there are No hidden charges or fees!
(*Due to Skyrocketing fuel prices, a small trip charge may apply if your outside my service area)
With Hundreds of Ceiling fans installed by me Personally and over 25 years of Experience, Ive installed more fans than most electricians have in a Lifetime, and No one will do a better job for you!.
And yes, there are "handymen" here on CL that claim they can do it all, and "claim" they will save you a few dollars, but there maybe "hidden charges" and low quality work resulting in a noisy fan or even worse your fan falling in the floor. Why take a chance with your nice Ceiling fan just to save a few dollars?
Remember the old saying........."You always get what you pay for".
I also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and If your not happy its on me!


"My wife had bought a ceiling fan several months ago for our bedroom, but like so many projects it got put on the back burner. My wife wanted to get it put up but I thought Home Depots price was too high. I called Capital Installations and made an Appointment. He arrived on time, put on his N95 mask like his Ad said he would, and put the fan up. He left the floor clean and even packed up the fan box and carried it to our garage for us. Phenomenal service! I Highly recommend Capital."
Phil S.
Cary, NC

"I just moved from Denver to the Raleigh area and needed 6 ceiling fans installed in my new home. I called Lowes and they were going to charge me $150 each! I called Capital Installations and the guy was very nice. His price was very fair and he could come out the next day. He was punctual, did a great job, and there were no surprises which I really appreciate. I would recommend Capital to anyone needed quality work done at a fair price."
Jenna C.
Raleigh, NC

"Me and the wife moved down from NY to retire. The house we bought needed 3 ceiling fans as well as having our 4 TVs mounted. I went to Capitals website and the prices were very reasonable. Also, Mark the owner really seemed to know his business, so we made an appointment. What impressed me most was this guy showed up on time! More than rare in NY! Our ceiling fans and TVs look great. As we make friends and meet our neighbors we will be spreading the word about Capital installations. Thanks for Excellent job."
Nick C.
Knightdale, NC

Avoid "Special Order" Boutique fans as they are considerably More Expensive to Purchase and MORE Expensive to
Install. Although attractive and unique, these Special Order fans from Amazon or even Home Depot are usually of a
lesser quality than say your standard off the shelf fan you might find at Lowes, Home Depot, or even Walmart.
Quite often their fancy designs Sacrifice reliability for stylish flare. Don't be fooled by so called "reviews" as I have found them to be quite often Untrue. This is my Opinion, but based on over 25 years of Experience.

CONSUMER WARNINGS: (even if you don't use me, pay heed to these proven Warnings)
1- Don’t be Fooled by "handymen" who only charge $60-$70!! Why? ....because most of them are NOT Insured, and Lie about having Insurance. There are just too many desperate CL “handymen” this time of year who will do anything to make a dollar and will LIE about their so called "experience" to impress you. Their workmanship is often very Poor, literally leaving screws missing from the installation; resulting in your fan being crooked, noisy, or even worse …..ending up in the floor!
2- Only use those who are Fully Insured! Many will claim to be, but in reality are Not! (I carry my Ins. Card)
Think about it; your having a large electrical item installed on your ceiling that your family will be exposed to.
3- Avoid buying cheap ceiling fans off Amazon and other Internet sites. Most are "no names" out of China that are of poor quality. Its best to stick w/ name Brands such as "Hunter" or "Harbor Breeze", and these can usually be found at Lowes and Home Depot. They have a large selection that you can see in person and if there's a problem w the fan they will take it back.
4- Ceiling fans must be mounted to an "electrical box" in the ceiling where a fan or light fixture exist.
Most "electrical boxes" in the ceiling can support the weight of a fan, BUT its your Responsibility to make sure by asking your builder.

I offer a FREE No Pressure Consultation by phone to Explain the Process and answer any questions you may have, so please Call, or Text me .
Even if you don't use me, I'm still happy to offer good advice. I also give Multi-fan Discounts!

919 999-6686
*For the Fastest possible Service please TEXT; otherwise please Call or simply Reply to this Ad.
I'm busy because Ive been doing this for so long, so if you miss me just leave a message and I will call you back by the end of the day.

**I also offer Expert Flat Screen TV Installations !!

Please visit my Web page by doing a quick search for "Capital Installations in Raleigh". There you will find more helpful information along with examples and Testimonials about my work.
(former Geek Squad Sr Tech)

Corona-virus Health Notice-
Although the Corona Virus situation is over, I still offer to wear my N95 mask in your home if you like. Ive reduced my regular install price to just $89! (Lowes charges $150, and some electricians charge 200!)
Please let me know if you'd like to take advantage of this Offer.

Note: I Never flag my competition as it just hurts all of us.

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