Search Division -The Most Lovable Band In Earth (Earth)

Search Division formed in San Diego in early 2018 when the Ocean Beach Pier partially collapsed into the Pacific Ocean. After the rescue they forged a sonic bond that burst through all barriers of time, space, science, silly mythologies, petty politics, and really bad taste in wardrobes.

Jon Moncroix grew up in a musty wine cellar deep in the pine-studded Alsatian Vosges. As a result, his teeth, lips and the whites of his eyes are permanently stained with a deep purple hue from non-stop red wine consumption for three straight decades. No one notices. His guitar playing, singing, and synthing somehow remain impeccable.

Vagitarius Cox is from the filthy shores of the Delaware River across from Philly. A cess pool of oil refineries, used tire shops and cheap booze houses where quasi-funk music could be heard at all hours of night or day, he lived there until he was twenty-nine and it molded his utterly mystifying bass playing style and his unique vision for the world. He still visits once a month for three weeks at a time and stays there rent-free.

M’dru Margorp? No one knows from where it is that he hails. It has been rumored that he was the clandestine love child of aristocratic big game hunters who met on a Serengeti lion hunt in the late 70s. Thrice a year he goes on safari to the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa, India, and sometimes Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the vast, arid, terrifyingly deserted plains of Krjzykistan. He says he enjoys a deep spiritual connection to the animals he encounters there even if he encounters none. In addition to his massive drum kit he has a hairless mole-skin bongo set.

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What would would have been insurmountable obstacles to any other band were gifts handed off on a silver platter to this misfit power trio. Cheers. Enjoy SD.

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