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There are no public authorities protecting you from unlicensed locksmith practitioners.


Familiarize yourself with
North Carolina General Statute 74f

IF, you requested the services of a doctor you would expect that person to be a licensed practitioner regulated by the North Carolina medical board. It is illegal for someone to represent themselves as a licensed medical practitioner without the proper licensing and verifiable credentials.
IF, you called the police you would expect that person to be a sworn officer certified and verifiable by a government regulated police agency. It is illeagal for someone to represent themselves as a law enforcement official without the proper credentials.

North Carolina is one of the 15 states that require, by law, a state issued LOCKSMITH LICENSE to:
▪Represent oneself as a locksmith.
▪Possess the tools of a locksmith.
•Perform or offer to perform Locksmith services.
▪Accept compensation for performing locksmith services.

Those that possess this licensing have:
▪Passed federal and state background checks.
▪Passed the NC's LOCKSMITH LICENSE examination.
▪Consistently maintained the State's mandatory continuing educational classes
▪Posted a verifiable license number on all advertisements.

2015 North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 74F - Locksmith Licensing Act.
§ 74F-3 - Licenses required; violation.
Universal Citation: NC Gen Stat § 74F-3 (2015)
74F-3. Licenses required; violation.

(a) No person shall perform or offer to perform locksmith services in this State unless the person has been licensed under the provisions of this Chapter. Every person providing locksmith services as defined under G.S. 74F-4(5) to buildings containing medical records, pharmaceutical records, educational records, criminal records, voting records, tax records, legal records, or personnel records, including any person providing locksmith services who is employed by or working for a school, college, university, hospital, company, institution, or government facility shall be licensed in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.

(b) Unless the conduct is covered under some other provision of law providing greater punishment, a violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor for the first offense. A second or subsequent offense is a Class I felony. (2001-369, s. 1; 2013-370, ss. 1, 2.)


As determined by recent court decisions, advertising mediums are not legally liable for the fraudulent content their customers publish. And, apparently, not ethically or morally concerned. It is monetarily in their favor to have as many advertisers, competing for add realestate legally or not..
Thus providing the perfect catalist for unscrupulous parasites to illegaly prey on unsuspecting and vulnerable citizens. Many attempts to bring this to the attention of advertising mediums have been made.

Other effects of this illegality is the drastic increase of cost in competitive advertisement. Legitimate locksmith have no other recourse except to pass this ridiculously increasing cost of operation on to the consumer.

Illegitamate locksmith practitioners will NOT leave themselves open for public review. There are no practical public forums to warn other potential victims of their unscrupulous practices. Their business names are usually very generic making them virtually untraceable. When a customer calls back to complain they claim they did not send anyone and whoever did the work was not from their organazation, or, they simply change the name on their advertisements and carry on under a different identity. They have no license, reputation or investments to protect.

Legitimate locksmiths will leave themselves open for public review. Their credentials are verifiable at the NC LOCKSMITH LICENSING Board's website under VERIFY LICENSE. They have interest in their business name's reputation and obligated responsibilities under their locksmith licensing.

The bottom line is, authorities in control and adverting entities cannot or will not act as any form of protection against these deceptive practictioners flooding the public media market. Protecting yourself from locksmith scams falls directly on the customer. CHECK THE TECH for their locksmith license and verify it through the NC LOCKSMITH LICENSEING BOARD'S website. If you do not do this, no one will do it for you. Refuse payment to and services of those that are not verifiable. A legitimate locksmith will carry their license with them on all jobs and be happy to present it for verification. But for obvious reasons do not ask to photograph it. If a technition says they left their license at home or its at the office tell them to GO GET IT before allowing them to perform a service and definatly before paying them. Remember, it is illeagal for them to accept compensation for performing a service they are unlicensed to perform. Log their phone numbers, their name, their company name, vehicles tag numbers and any pictures of their faces and automobiles. Report them to the attorney generals office, best course of action is not to pay them or get video of them accepting payment if they dont have a license. If customers are not willing to make these efforts to protect themselves then they should not blame legitimate locksmiths for the cost of their services. You have been warned. Good Luck.

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