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CRITICAL: Great mom and son, mistreated and abused, NEEDS sleep! (Raleigh)

available jan 13



"HOMELESSNESS IS NOT THE PROBLEM, IT IS THE "RESULT" Of THE PROBLEM: ILLEGAL HOUSING DISCRIMINATION AS PROVEN IN A COURT OF LAW. I proved illegal housing discrimination in a court of law and was found to have "Clearly" established a Prima Facie case and was granted a motion for Preliminary Injunction, pending trial while the Defendants lost their motion to dismiss.

This is a critical case, indeed and a wonderful example of bad things happening to GOOD people. Safe, decent, stable and affordable housing was made unavailable for my son because he has a mental disability. I applied for family housing was given a one bedroom unit and then stripped of the Legal Guardianship because I had no place for the son to live. These injustices lead to 3 group home facilities which had to be investigated by the Department of Health and Human Services and all were found to be in SERIOUS A1 NEGELCT, ABUSE, EXPLOITATION, what defines, "CRIMINAL INTERFERENCE WITH FAIR HOUSING, and HEALTH HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS. I have 52 pages of documents from "DHHS" to prove the devastating conditions found in these facilities which have left my son with permanent facial scars and discoloration from bed bug infestation. These bugs were found in "Every" living space of the facility except the kitchen and it was infested with what looked like "German" roaches which were found in areas where food and food supplies were stored. The blood from these bugs were found in "Every" clients room on old linens, sheets, bed spreads, bed posts and mattresses. There was also black toxic mold in the facility.

Serious deficiencies are cited in the 52 page documents from "DHHS". What I have mentioned here is just the "Tip" of the iceberg. The PROBLEM, illegal housing discrimination has RESULTED in my son being released from the last bad facility without any of his income resulting in serious economic hardships which have in turn resulted in "Homelessness". The withholding of his income has also lead to our struggle to live on my early retirement income and being denied "reimbursement" of monies spent to care for him that his "S.S.I." income was designed to do. It lead to us living in a rooming house instead of giving back housing "Equivalent" to what was made unavailable for us as a family. Shortly after we moved in to this rooming house, one of the men who live there informed me that he kept a gun in his room for protection. At the time, he stated that he had spent 10 years in a Federal Prison. The other male who lived there was searched for by the police about 9:00 PM. the evening before my son and I fled from for safety due to an incident at this rooming house the next morning at the early hour. When I was awakened, I could hear a lot of profanity being used and a lot of loud hollering from the man who previously stated as having a gun. I heard the other male who is very quiet when he said "What cha gonna do"? At that the other gun owing male hollered real loud and said in a mean ay "What am I going to do!". At that he ran upstairs to his room. I felt sure that he was going to get the gun and go back downstairs and shot the other guy. This incident could have lead to a "Fatality" with the use of a fire arm. I KNEW THEN THAT MY SON AND I WOULD HAVE TO LEAVE THIS ROOMING HOUSE. It was an incident which caused our awakening at approximately 3:00 AM and causing us to have felt like, the TITLE ABOVE,


It led to a property management company still receiving rent for the following month after we left faint out of fear. These monies should have been returned. the deposit on this unit was also kept, wrongfully. This lead to homelessness and its horrific damages including the loss of our storage unit and having to find and move to another by foot after my retirement income could not pay a full month of motel temporary lodging alone. The injustice of illegal and proven housing discrimination lead to the refusal of paying for temp housing for my son and I at the expense of those responsible for the injustices of illegal discrimination in which they inflicted upon me and my son.

It lead to the mishandling of my son's "S.S.I" income. What is explained here is just the "Tip" of the iceberg. We are in urgent need of housing and since our funds are currently exhausted due to temporary motel lodging that had to be paid at our expense from an early retirement and with monies not handled correctly at all of my son's income, a barter arrangement would be idea for my son and I at this time. My son and I have clean backgrounds and references and have NEVER used illegal drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. We are spiritual high moral well reared individual who are clean morally, physically and spiritually. We also believe in treating others in the good ways in which we desire to be treated. You will love us. We are seeking to work as a mom and son team in doing odd jobs such as organizing, light to medium cleaning, watching over property as in "House sitting", errand running (With your vehicle) as I am a defensive Driver with an excellent driving record, etc;. I am an Event Decorator/Banquet Server and have worked in the Hospitality field of food and beverage for many years. Please mention the job that you have and we will go from there. We do not participate in anything sexual or illegal in any way or form. Please help us during our hardship, our time of need as victims of illegal housing discrimination as proven in a court of law. It will be highly appreciated. Thank you so very much.
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