Many "O" and a few "Standard" gauge model trains - $1 (South of Raleigh)

Many "O" and a few "Standard" gauge model trains 1 thumbnailMany "O" and a few "Standard" gauge model trains 2 thumbnail
Taylor Farm Rd near Fanny Brown

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I have, and will have more "O" scale trains for sale. Many here right now in Raleigh are MTH Steam Engines. 2000 era, most Proto 2.

I am looking for someone in or near Raleigh, with either an already pretty large set up, or someone looking to start building a large set up. Eventually, there will be lots of track, switches, controls, buildings etc for an extensive layout.

I plan to add some model numbers to this post as I get a chance to dust them off, research/check them out for a reasonable pricing etc. This is going to take some time. Getting a few sold now, finding a few real collectors interested I can give first crack to as they become available is my goal right now. I cannot bring everything to Raleigh at once (way too much), but I do have some here now. PRICING...for example...something listed on E Bay right now at say $1000, I will sell for say $600. Someone buying multiples may get more savings. Plan to offer 30-40% savings to help sell easily.

I listed one 2,6,6,6 Engine with tender about 4 weeks ago, before leaving on a trip. Most older MTH models can be searched and will show up on old MTH links. Check it out as an example of what I have. Nearly everything will come with very good condition original boxes. The first one listed is MTH 20-3115-2 model.

Also, I do have here some MTH Tin Plate series "Standard" gauge (larger then "O"). An example is the Blue Comet set, with some extra cars. Also another engine/tender set, and some misc cars in the Tin Plate series and such, like search light cars, crane car, tank car etc. Prices TBD for the right people.

If you have any interest at all, I suggest we talk. Someone I deem honest, sincere, a serious collector, I may invite over to look over what I have now, and discuss what I will have coming up.

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